Slow But Sure

Visited the surgeon today.  Nothing unusual, but since I again have an open wound on my foot from draining the infection, he wants to keep track of it.  The wound looks OK, but my foot looked pretty ugly.  Sorry, no pictures (some of you are thanking God right now).  But the doc is happy with the healing progress, so I am, too.  No unusual pain, just the regular neuropathy and some phantom pain from that toe in the next dimension.  I guess I will always have that.

Doc says that as long as I keep my foot up and stay off of it as much as possible, I can go back to work tomorrow.  What a thrill (hah!).  There is still a fair amount of swelling, and I’m having trouble getting a shoe to fit over the swelling and bandages.  But all in all things are improving.   Just need to take it day by day.  Thanks again to everyone that is praying for me; please keep it up.


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Joy — always there

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

October 9
Joy — always there
Psalms 30
“… Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” (v.5)

Joy is a central characteristic of the Christian — and yet so many know nothing of it. They are under the lash of duty, and not unabashed delight. They are artificial, not artesian. Someone once described such Christians as “creaking in body and soul as they limp along the highway toward glory.” They walk the road to glory but they are certainly not walking the glory road.
The word “joy” (Greek: chara) is a strong and robust word. It is not resignation wearing a wan smile. It means a joy that is exuberant and overflowing. The summons to rejoice is sounded no less than seventy times in the New Testament and the word chara occurs close on sixty times. The New Testament is a book of joy. Dr…

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24 Hours Later

Wow!  What a difference draining the wound and starting a round of antibiotics makes!  Felt great when I got up this morning (but maybe that was because I knew I wasn’t going to work).  The wound had been seeping some blood, and by the time I got around to changing the dressing, blood was soaking through my sock and I was getting in trouble for leaving blood spots on the floor.  I cut away the old dressing and pitched it.  Nothing salvageable there, it was a bloody mess.  Saw that the surgical wound was still open, though not bleeding, so I squeezed my foot and got a nice big chunk of pus out.  Still no bleeding, so I put on gauze pads and wrapped it up with more gauze, topping it off with some Coban to hold it all together.  Tomorrow, I’ll use 2 rolls of gauze as the ones I have are pretty short, probably no more than 6 feet long.

So, I feel a world better, the pain that was creeping up the leg is gone, and the swelling is down.  Foot is still pretty red and I’ll have to stay up on the antibiotics and keep my blood glucose low so I can heal quickly.  But I am elated that God has blessed me with an infection and not a re-occurrence of Charcot.  There is always something for which to be thankful, and I am feeling very blessed right now.  Yeah, I’ll still gripe, but that is my old nature that is still hanging on. 

Just to enumerate a few of my blessings, here’s a list that is definitely not all-inclusive:

A loving wife who caters to me even in my infirmity.

Lots of people who care and pray for me.

Freedom from surgical pain due to diabetic nerve damage.  (weird one, huh?)

An ability to handle the blood and yuck so I can treat my own wounds.

A God that provides for me and has my best interests in mind, even if I don’t understand His plan.

Too many more blessings to mention.


Played this one a few times at church.


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Well, That Was Fun

What shall we do now? 
Been having some trouble with swelling, redness, and pain in my foot so scheduled a visit to the surgeon.  He took one look at it and asked for an exam tray and an assistant.

To cut to the chase, the area around my Charcot had become infected.  No indication of any trauma that might have caused it, though.  So, it was scalpel time:  He opened the top of my foot and started squeezing.  Lots of blood and pus.  Wish I could have gotten pictures or video for my nurse and EMT friends who are a little warped (like me).  Doc jammed a couple of swabs at least half an inch into the incision to get a good culture for the lab.  Went down the hall for a blood draw and then headed home.

I had planned on going in to work at noon and getting in half a day, but was told no.  Also, no work tomorrow, and got an appointment to see the surgeon on Monday. 

There was some talk about removing more of my foot, and possibly the leg, but the doc said he’s not ready to do that yet.

The good news (actually great news!) is that the problem is an infection and not a Charcot flare-up.  So I’m counting my toes and my blessings, taking the Doxycycline, and trying to get healed up.  Life is good and God is great!

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God Leads Us into the Desert

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

God Leads Us into the Desert

October 3

“Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil” (Matt 4:1).

There is a common teaching going around today that says if you do all the right things in your Christian life, you will be blessed and never experience problems in your life. This teaching is heresy. The Bible says that we will encounter many problems during this lifetime. Just read Peter’s epistle.

Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil. Why would God lead His Son into the desert to be tempted? Why would God lead you and me into the desert?

The desert is a place to learn something about ourselves. It is the place where we determine if we will truly live by every Word of God, not by bread alone. When Satan tempted…

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‘Heart’ In Ancient Hebrew

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The Firmament Pt 2

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The Firmament Pt 1

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Good News, Bad News

This life is not for the faint of heart.  There is always something that creates problems for us to overcome.  First the Bad News:

About 10 days ago, my right foot and ankle started causing me some severe pain.  I inspected my foot ant there appeared to be some swelling and redness on the inside of the ankle. and on top of my foot.  Immediately, I contacted the surgeon at the wound clinic (Dr. Rizzi) who had operated on that foot.  He confirmed that it was a recurrence of Charcot Foot.  He ordered X-rays to determine just how badly it was affecting me.  After reading the images, the Doc said immobilize and stay off the foot and go back to using the CROW boot and the knee walker.  Also, Doc Rizzi reminded me that there is no cure for Charcot, and that I will be dealing with the condition for the rest of my life.

Now for the Good News:

The Charcot had not progressed enough to require any further surgery, which would of course have resulted in the amputation of my leg just below the knee.  I get to keep my leg!

So, I have been enjoying the excruciating pain of the Charcot as bones shift and this has kept me from sleeping and even being able to concentrate when awake.  The neuropathy has been loads of fun, too.  Pretty frustrating, as I had planned on working at the SO this Saturday, and going to church on Sunday.  I spent almost all day today in bed, and the small time that I was up was spent in the recliner.

But, again, I get to keep my leg.  And I’m glad that I was able to catch the return of the Charcot before it got out of hand.  So I will continue with regular attention to my feet and transitioning back and forth between the diabetic boots and the CROW boot and the knee walker.  I wish I had a healing to look forward to, but it isn’t in the cards.

Thanks so much to all that have prayed for me, and please continue to hold me up in prayer.  I need freedom from pain and wisdom to know when I need to use the orthotic & walker, and when I can stump around in my regular boots.


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We all need to be good servants.

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